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Biden Updates on Undocumented Spouses and DACA

On June 18th the Biden administration announced policies to grant immigration relief to several long-standing immigrants, in the United States.

One initiative focuses on assisting individuals who're married to U.S. Citizens and have resided in the country for a minimum of 10 years. By implementing the "Parole in Place" program, which has historically aided family members of personnel the administration intends to offer mixed status families a more straightforward pathway to obtaining permanent resident status. The White House estimates that over half a million individuals could benefit from this initiative with the average applicant having lived in the U.S. For 23 years.

Another policy change outlined by the White House aims to simplify the process for DACA recipients (and other Dreamers) to secure skilled employment visas. This adjustment will enable employers to retain employees while affording DACA beneficiaries an opportunity to further contribute to their communities.

Numerous undocumented immigrants who qualify for a card through their U.S. Citizen spouse encounter challenges in obtaining status due to their initial entry into the country without proper inspection or parole. Individuals in this situation often face the prospect of leaving the country to pursue a card risking a 10 year ban on reentry or even permanent exclusion. With the policy allowing them to apply for a card after being granted parole they can avoid separation caused by having to depart from the U.S.

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