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Helping Clients in Florida Establish Permanent Residency

If you wish to become a citizen of the United States, securing your green card is the very first step.  Immigrants are granted lawful permanent residency with a green card and these green card holders have the constitutional right to work and reside in the United States and enjoy privileges such as a driver's license's.

In most cases you must have someone file an immigrant petition as a sponsor.  This could be an immediate relative who lives in the United States or an employer.  In special circumstances you may be able to file for yourself.

Why Hire Us?

While the process seems straightforward, there are often unforeseen challenges along the way.  The knowledgeable staff at Usher Law Firm in Ocala have proven to be an invaluable asset in these processing's time and time again.  We offer:

  • Legal advice and expertise
  • Representation
  • Experience navigating the most difficult situations
  • Years of experience with green card processing and extremely high success rate.

How to Apply For a Green Card

There are a number of ways to apply for a green card and the Usher Law Firm would be happy to show you the best route for your personal situation.

Some of the ways you can apply for a green card are:
  • Through family
  • Through Employment
  • As a victim of abuse
  • As a refugee
  • As an asylee
  • As an applicant under the Cuban Adjustment Act
  • As an applicant to the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program
  • As a resident of the United States that has remained in the country since before January 1st, 1972.

Can I Travel While My Green Card Application is Pending?

You cannot travel outside of the U.S. without specific documents and USCIS approval.

Contact A Green Card Attorney Today:

You must choose the right category to file under. Having a compassionate, caring, and informed lawyer walk you through the process could make a difference and give you confidence. Let Usher Law Firm help you with your case today.




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